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prickly pear

Ingredients // prickly pear, pure cane sugar, pectin, tobasco sauce.

Our of our top three sellers.  Prickly Pears are harvested around Gigi's land in Oklahoma, and throughout the state.  This jelly is delightful, with a pop of sweet heat.

sand plum


Wild-harvested across the state of Oklahoma, the rare and unique Sand Plum, is our most well loved jelly.  Sand Plum is divine and works well in many recipes as well as a treat in any appetizer spread.  

Cinnamon apple


It's like apple pie in a jar!  The grand-children's proclaimed favorite and a top seller.  Hand-picked, pesticide-free wild apples, juiced in Gigi's kitchen, then steeped with cinnamon sticks.

vanilla pear


Vanilla lovers unite!  This is such a sweet treat, and will delight the taste buds.

blushing pear


Simmered with a light wine, this delicious combo makes for a sweet treat.

ginger pear


If you love ginger, you'll appreciate this ginger-infused pear blend.  Sweet & Tangy.

basil apple


Hand-picked apples dance spectacularly with fresh basil from Gigi's garden.  

cinnamon pear


For pear lovers, Cinnamon Pear is a favorite.  It is a total delight for the senses.

rum pear


Infused with sweet rum, giving it just the zest and appeal you are looking for.  

1.5 oz. jelly jars

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sample size jars

The gift size jars also make great sample treats!

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